Ceiling Access with Goalpost Frames for clearance of the kitchen island.
8.3m Bridged Tower in London
5m to platform Single Width Tower
x3 6m Platformed Bridge Units in Single & Double Width
Hire Mk1 or Mk2 Podiums Today for your Low Level Access Needs... giving you working heights of Mk1 = 3-3.2m, Mk2 = 3.2-3.45m
Our team back onsite last night make Tower adaptions out-of-hours. Need specialist works? 0208 665 1181
x2 6.5m Bridge Linked Towers, fully decked out on the top for ceiling access. Erected on Saturday in EC3.
Work at Height Training ♦️ Text 'PASMA' to 60777
Stair Tower erected & dismantled on site for 1 Day Works. Text 'TOWER' to 60777
Text 'TOWER' to 60777 ♦️
No PPE? No Problem! We'll provide the necessary protective wear for our PASMA Training - just bring suitable footwear ♦️ Text 'PASMA' to 60777 ♦️ 0208 665 1181
THROWBACK THURSDAY ♦️ Access works conducted on a British Airways Concorde ♦️
Access Tower for specialist paint job on rear wing of Private Jet ♦️ Text 'TOWER' to 60777 ♦️ 0208 665 1181
Text 'PASMA' to 60777 ♦️ Get booked onto our daily courses Today 0208 665 1181 #pasma #pasmatraining #safetytraining
Text 'TOWER' to 60777 ♦️Our Team of Specialist Erectors are ready to take requirements for your Access ♦️ 0208 665 1181 - info@accesstowersgroup.co.uk
Text 'PASMA' to 60777 or Call 0208 665 1181 to get booked onto our Daily PASMA Training Courses ♦️ Need our 'Man in the Van'? Call now and ask about ONSITE TRAINING ♦️ #pasma #pasmatraining #towerhire #accesshire #alloytowers
Tomorrow is the start of the new Financial Year. Want to know about our new PASMA Promotions? Text 'PASMA' to 60777 to find out more ♦️ON-SITE TRAINING or IN-HOUSE TRAINING ♦️ ALL COURSES COVERED ♦️0208 665 1181