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Gold leafing at the Wallace Collection Museum, London

Recently, a high-level specialist decorating company in London required the services of Access Towers to assist them in undertaking some specialist plasterwork at The Wallace Collection Museum in Manchester Square, London.

Decorating operatives were applying gold leafing decoration to the coving and architrave throughout several display rooms in the museum, which would provide additional elegance to the room, once filled with artefacts.

A job as delicate as this, working with the finest and most expensive materials to create intricate patterns can only be summarised as the definition of bespoke; such a job required the right tools for the job and that’s where Access Towers stepped in.

An Cantilever Scaffold Tower

Planning, preparation and production with Access Towers

Before any work was carried out one of our specialist tower fitters was required to perform a site survey to access the proposed project. Using state-of-the-art technology, our fitter was able to measure the dimensions of each room with a high-quality laser measure, providing a degree of precision of up to 1mm, leaving no room for error on such a significant project. Through carrying out this survey our fitter identified a key problem with the task at hand, which was that as the decorators began to work their way down the wall there was restricted access due to the shape of the room. With this is mind our specialist installation team swooped in to resolve this problem by erecting our Cantilever Scaffold Tower, an ideal solution to this exact problem.

Spanning over the course of 4 weeks, the hired decorative operatives used our Narrow Width Cantilever Tower to offer access to the ceiling coving and when it came to applying the gold leafing lower down the wall, we built a cantilever platform out by 720mm which was counterweighted by a 200kg weight to balance the operatives on the cantilever platform; granting access to the restrictively positioned architrave.

Through this ingenuity, we were able to ensure the success of such a project that would only reflect the importance and integrity of British history. With the use of our Narrow Width Cantilever Tower the operatives could remain up close and personal, to carry out their elaborate work, without the worry of being on an unstable platform or the hassle of having to overstretch; potentially compromising the quality of the finished product.

Rental Access Tower’s throughout London

Our team of dedicated experts at Access Towers ensures the safety and correct installation of mobile access towers so that work in out of reach places can take place. With various options available such as low level towers consisting of Genie Lifts and Podium Units or for the high level, out of reach places we have Stair towers and Advanced Guardrail Scaffold Towers we’ll make sure you get the job done safely and properly. If you’re in the trade or perhaps require a one-off tower for a job, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0208 665 1181 to speak to one of our knowledgeable friendly members of staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered working at height?

Anything above ground level is considered Working at Height. Access Towers are a large provider of PASMA Training and sit within the top 5% in the UK, allowing us to train the full range of 1-Day PASMA Courses to suit any of your work at height Tower Training requirements.

What are the working at height regulations?

It is recommended by Health & Safety standards that those who are assembling Towers should be PASMA Trained. This will give operatives a 5-year qualification of competency for the use of mobile towers.

Do I need to have a licence/certificate to use the equipment?

Certifications will vary depending on what equipment you’re hiring. It’s always best to speak with our Hire Desk if you are unsure, where they can advise what will be best for you or in more advanced working conditions, we can install onsite.

What are the different training sessions you offer & who are they for?

Training courses are for anyone using the equipment, from commercially to domestically. These will range from PASMA Training for the use of Towers, IPAF Training for the use of MEWPS as well as various other courses such as Safety Harness Training and First Aid.

How do I know which equipment will be right for the job?

Our Hire Desk are trained across the full range of work at height stock available and will be able to advise and assist cost-free.

How quickly can you supply the tower(s)?

We aim for a next-day turnaround, this is dependent on the transport routes and how busy we are at the time. It works both ways and could be earlier than your requested date.