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This course includes:

Inspection, Storage, Safe Use of all equipment you want to be trained on
Improvised Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint Anchorage
Requirement of Regulations Working at Height
Inspection and safe use of all the equipment they want to be trained on
Leading Edge (if required)
Rated Arrest and Fall Restraint
Risk Assess Working at Height
Requirements for Rescue

Qualified for:

EN361: Safety harnesses
EN360: Self-retracting lifelines
EN354: Lanyards
EN355: Energy absorbers
EN358: Belts and lanyards for work positioning and restraint

Our safety harness training courses are suitable for anyone involved in working from height. You do not need any prior training to attend our safety harness training, however, many attendees often complete our PASMA training courses alongside our safety harness training. Our safety harness training courses are useful for working at height operatives, site managers, and health and safety inspectors. They provide all the information needed for the correct usage of safety harnesses.

At a glance:


1 Day


From £65 P/P

Valid for:

5 Years

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    What is harness training?

    When working at height it can prove dangerous to be attached to a poorly-fitted safety harness and can often lead to drastic injury and sometimes death, which is why it is absolutely fundamental that proper training is implemented by anyone planning to be in or manage harness equipment when working at height.

    The skills you gain from this course will reduce the chance of a potentially fatal accident for you or your employees and protect your company from the repercussions of those accidents and these courses will teach you and your employees the proper assembly, handling and maintaining of safety harnesses to be used by anyone working at height.

    A safety harness is a lifeline given to anyone working at height and is a vital piece of equipment that will act as a fall-arrest system that is designed to reduce the impact of a fall. Although these harnesses are made of durable webbing consisting of nylon or polyester and undergo rigorous testing methods to ensure the practicality of the harness system; it is common for fibers to degrade over time and this degradation can lead to further damage and impact the integrity and effectiveness of the harness system which can potentially put those using the system at a larger risk.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is considered working at height?

    Anything above ground level is considered Working at Height. Access Towers are a large provider of PASMA Training and sit within the top 5% in the UK, allowing us to train the full range of 1-Day PASMA Courses to suit any of your work at height Tower Training requirements.

    What are the working at height regulations?

    It is recommended by Health & Safety standards that those who are assembling Towers should be PASMA Trained. This will give operatives a 5-year qualification of competency for the use of mobile towers.

    Do I need to have a licence/certificate to use the equipment?

    Certifications will vary depending on what equipment you’re hiring. It’s always best to speak with our Hire Desk if you are unsure, where they can advise what will be best for you or in more advanced working conditions, we can install onsite.

    What are the different training sessions you offer & who are they for?

    Training courses are for anyone using the equipment, from commercially to domestically. These will range from PASMA Training for the use of Towers, IPAF Training for the use of MEWPS as well as various other courses such as Safety Harness Training and First Aid.

    How do I know which equipment will be right for the job?

    Our Hire Desk are trained across the full range of work at height stock available and will be able to advise and assist cost-free.

    How quickly can you supply the tower(s)?

    We aim for a next-day turnaround, this is dependent on the transport routes and how busy we are at the time. It works both ways and could be earlier than your requested date.