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Narrow Width Scaffold Towers

Taking up less space than standard scaffold towers, our narrow width scaffold towers are 0.715 meters wide. This allows you to fit into tight spaces with tower platform heights up to 8m. With the minimum...

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    Taking up less space than standard scaffold towers, our narrow width scaffold towers are 0.715 meters wide. This allows you to fit into tight spaces with tower platform heights up to 8m. With the minimum number of components, this narrow scaffold tower is not only lightweight but easier to move around for your work at height requirements. Frame sizes are available in twos, threes, fours, and fives.

    Narrow width scaffold tower hire across London

    We can provide you with narrow scaffold towers to suit any project, whether you need a small scaffold tower for your home or a standard scaffold tower for a larger project. Fill out our form below for the quickest way to get in contact with us and to send us a quote. We aim to respond as soon as possible to fulfill your requirements.


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    Access solutions for compact sites

    Narrow Width Towers are the perfect choice for exterior maintenance and installation projects where space is limited. At only 0.715 metres wide, they can be easily assembled in situ to allow workers to access out of reach areas where ground space is small. With a variety of frame sizes, they can be specified to meet your site dimensions.

    Our Narrow Width Towers are designed to be as user friendly as possible. They are easy to move around a site because of their lightweight design and can be quickly assembled and dismantled. They are a popular choice for residential refurbishment projects because of their compact size but can also be used in larger projects.

    Narrow single width tower

    Frequently Asked Questions about Narrow Width Towers

    If you're considering using narrow width towers for your next project, you may have some questions about their features, benefits, and safety. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand more about these versatile scaffolding structures. Read on to find answers to common queries and gain valuable insights into the world of narrow width towers.

    Please note that while this information provides a general understanding, it is always recommended to consult with professionals or directly contact the Access Towers Group for personalized advice and precise details about your specific requirements.

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    What are narrow width towers?

    Narrow width towers are scaffolding structures designed to provide safe access and working platforms in tight or confined spaces, where a standard-width tower may not fit.

    What are the advantages of using narrow width towers?

    The main advantage of narrow width towers is their ability to provide access and working platforms in narrow or restricted areas. They are particularly useful in environments where space is limited, such as narrow corridors, staircases, or areas with obstacles.

    How can I determine if I need a narrow width tower?

    If you are working in a confined or restricted space where a standard-width tower cannot fit, you would likely need a narrow width tower. It is recommended to assess the available space and consult with a professional to determine the appropriate scaffolding solution.

    Are narrow width towers safe to use?

    Yes, narrow width towers are designed and built to meet strict safety standards. However, it is important to ensure that the tower is properly assembled, inspected, and used according to the manufacturer's guidelines, as well as adhering to any relevant safety regulations.

    Can narrow width towers be adjusted to different heights?

    Yes, narrow width towers can be adjusted to different heights depending on your specific requirements. Most towers are modular and allow for easy extension or reconfiguration to accommodate varying working heights.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is considered working at height?

      Anything above ground level is considered Working at Height. Access Towers are a large provider of PASMA Training and sit within the top 5% in the UK, allowing us to train the full range of 1-Day PASMA Courses to suit any of your work at height Tower Training requirements.

      What are the working at height regulations?

      It is recommended by Health & Safety standards that those who are assembling Towers should be PASMA Trained. This will give operatives a 5-year qualification of competency for the use of mobile towers.

      Do I need to have a licence/certificate to use the equipment?

      Certifications will vary depending on what equipment you’re hiring. It’s always best to speak with our Hire Desk if you are unsure, where they can advise what will be best for you or in more advanced working conditions, we can install onsite.

      What are the different training sessions you offer & who are they for?

      Training courses are for anyone using the equipment, from commercially to domestically. These will range from PASMA Training for the use of Towers, IPAF Training for the use of MEWPS as well as various other courses such as Safety Harness Training and First Aid.

      How do I know which equipment will be right for the job?

      Our Hire Desk are trained across the full range of work at height stock available and will be able to advise and assist cost-free.

      How quickly can you supply the tower(s)?

      We aim for a next-day turnaround, this is dependent on the transport routes and how busy we are at the time. It works both ways and could be earlier than your requested date.