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PASMA training courses are designed to teach people how to safely use scaffold towers and low-level access equipment. There are a variety of PASMA courses available. Some courses are classroom-based covering topics such as health and safety, working at height, and scaffold tower assembly. Other courses involve a practical element where delegates will gain experience assembling and using a scaffold tower or low-level access equipment while being supervised by a qualified and experienced instructor.

The cost of PASMA training depends on the course you choose. As a general idea, here are some of the prices of the PASMA training courses provided through Access Towers.

PASMA training courses cost comparison

                  PASMA course name                         Cost per delegate
PASMA Towers for Users                                £125
PASMA Combined (users & low-level)                                £150
PASMA Towers with Cantilevers                                £175
PASMA E-learning Combined (users & low-level)                                £175
PASMA Towers for Managers                                £150
PASMA Towers for Users with Bridges                                £175
PASMA Towers on Stairs                                £175


PASMA training courses – what to expect

The different PASMA training course provide specific training on various access equipment. Here are some details of what to expect from the different PASMA course that we offer.

PASMA Towers for Users

PASMA Towers for Users is the foundation course for people operating access equipment. Certification from this course allows access to other tower-specific courses such as PASMA Towers with Cantilevers and PASMA Towers on Stairs.

The Towers for Users training involves a one-day course beginning at 8am and finishing at 4pm. The morning section is theory based and delegates will learn how to safely use a scaffold tower. The morning session will end with a multiple-choice test where delegates will use the knowledge they have learnt to answer the questions.

During the afternoon, delegates will erect and dismantle a tower using the knowledge they’ve learnt during the morning session. The course is given by a qualified instructor and all delegates will receive a 5-year PASMA certificate upon completion of the course.

PASMA Combined courses

PASMA Combined courses involve learning about the safe use of scaffold towers like in PASMA Towers for Users. They also include learning about the safe use of low-level access equipment such as podiums and steps.

Combined courses last for one day between 8am and 4pm and involve both theory and practical learning. A 5-year PASMA certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course.

PASMA Combined courses can also be taken as an E-learning option. This is a half day on-site training course where delegates must have completed a 2.5-hour remote online learning course before the date of the on-site training. The on-site element runs from 8am – 12pm.

Image of a person safely using an access scaffold tower. They have been sufficiently trained with PASMA training. Access towers are safety equipment for working at height but are only safe when used safely by the person operating on them.PASMA Towers on Stairs, Bridges, and Cantilever Towers

To access any of these PASMA courses, you must hold a valid PASMA Towers for Users certificate. All three courses are one day sessions that run from 8am to 4pm. Mornings are theory based with a multiple-choice test. Afternoon sessions involve erecting and dismantling a purpose-designed tower eg cantilever tower, stair tower, or multiple tower system.

Successful delegates will receive a 5-year PASMA certificate upon completion. The certificate will display the specific equipment involved in the course.

PASMA Towers for Managers

PASMA Towers for Managers is a one-day course running from 8am to 4pm. The training is theory-only where delegates will learn about the safe use of scaffold towers and access equipment. Information about health and safety guidelines surrounding working from height will also be covered in the session.

Upon completion, delegates will receive a 5-year PASMA certificate. This course is aimed at any person responsible for overseeing site-safety. This could include a building site manager, warehouse manager, or property developer.

Important information about PASMA training courses

All Access Towers PASMA training courses are run at our Croydon training centre. We employ fully qualified instructors with excellent industry knowledge and in order to offer PASMA training we are an official approved PASMA provider.

PASMA training courses are an excellent choice for anyone who regularly uses scaffold towers and low-level access equipment. Many construction companies and site-managers require PASMA certification before an operative can begin work. Although not a legal requirement, PASMA certification is recognised across the UK as a high-quality safety standard when using a scaffold tower.

If you’re involved in the construction industry or your work requires the use of a scaffold tower or low-level access equipment, attending a PASMA course will ensure that you understand all the best practices when working from height.

PASMA training will also teach you how to safely assemble, dismantle, and transport a scaffold tower, and provide information about current health and safety guidelines when using access equipment.

If you’re interested in attending one of our PASMA training courses have a look at our calendar to view upcoming availability. If you’ve got any questions about our PASMA training courses or any of our other services get in touch today. You can call us on 0208 665 1181 or use our online contact form.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered working at height?

Anything above ground level is considered Working at Height. Access Towers are a large provider of PASMA Training and sit within the top 5% in the UK, allowing us to train the full range of 1-Day PASMA Courses to suit any of your work at height Tower Training requirements.

What are the working at height regulations?

It is recommended by Health & Safety standards that those who are assembling Towers should be PASMA Trained. This will give operatives a 5-year qualification of competency for the use of mobile towers.

Do I need to have a licence/certificate to use the equipment?

Certifications will vary depending on what equipment you’re hiring. It’s always best to speak with our Hire Desk if you are unsure, where they can advise what will be best for you or in more advanced working conditions, we can install onsite.

What are the different training sessions you offer & who are they for?

Training courses are for anyone using the equipment, from commercially to domestically. These will range from PASMA Training for the use of Towers, IPAF Training for the use of MEWPS as well as various other courses such as Safety Harness Training and First Aid.

How do I know which equipment will be right for the job?

Our Hire Desk are trained across the full range of work at height stock available and will be able to advise and assist cost-free.

How quickly can you supply the tower(s)?

We aim for a next-day turnaround, this is dependent on the transport routes and how busy we are at the time. It works both ways and could be earlier than your requested date.