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Access towers have become an extremely versatile and popular way of working at height, offering a safer and more flexible option than the traditional ladder.  

However, like almost all installations found on construction sites, access towers must be installed and used with an appropriate level of training.  

At Access Towers Services Ltd we have a range of PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association) approved training courses. PASMA is the nationally recognised body for mobile access tower training and safety, and the courses are suitable for all levels of construction staff in a variety of situations.  

Our courses run from Monday to Sunday and are available all year round. They can be held at our Croydon headquarters or onsite. Let’s have a closer look at the range of courses we offer:  

Image of a person safely using an access scaffold tower. They have been sufficiently trained with PASMA training. Access towers are safety equipment for working at height but are only safe when used safely by the person operating on them.Towers For Users

The PASMA Towers for Users Course features a hybrid of home and classroom learning. The training is on mobile access towers that are approved to BS EN 1004, the British Standard/Mark of Approval. The theory behind the course will now be completed fully online, along with a multiple-choice test through PASMA’s online portal. After passing the test the delegate will be able to complete the practical module of the course on-site at our Training Facility. We expect delegates to be at our Training Facility for no more than 2.5 hours.  

The syllabus includes assembly, dismantling, altering and moving access towers. Delegates will learn to identify hazards, inspect mobile access towers, learn about the latest industry regulations and safely use access towers.  


Training For Managers Who Use Towers

The PASMA Towers for Managers Course is a minimum of 6 hours and can host up to 12 delegates per instructor. The aim is to learn about current legislation, regulations and guidance affecting work at height using mobile access towers, so that such operations can be supervised safely and within regulations.  

Training For Towers And Low Level Access

The PASMA Combined Course contains both theory and practical elements that culminate in a PASMA approved qualification for Towers for Users and Low-Level Access. As our most popular course, it enables delegates to efficiently and effectively empower themselves to work safely across many sites. Again, it involves a mixture of online and in-person learning, combining low-level access and mobile access training, safe usage of podium and the safe use of mobile access towers, along with hazard identification and equipment inspection.   

Towers On Stairs

Tower constructionThe PASMA Towers on Stairs Course is essential for people using towers in difficult areas where staircases and stairwells create an uneven level. For anyone working in maintenance, painting and decorating and overhead installations on stairs, this course provides all the vital information for creating a safe working environment. It runs for a minimum of 6 hours and can host up to 8 delegates per instructor. The course curriculum includes learning how to correctly assemble, dismantle, alter and move towers on stairs, hazard identification, safe usage of towers on stairs and a look at the latest legislation around the subject.  

Towers With Cantilevers  

The PASMA Towers with Cantilevers Course focuses on the use of cantilever towers that provide access to areas where obstacles cannot be temporarily removed. Delegates will learn how to safely use towers to avoid obstructions, inspect them for potential hazards, safely assemble and disassemble/move cantilever towers, and learn more about current regulations governing their use.  

The course is a minimum of 6 hours and can host up to 8 delegates per instructor.   

a construction workerLinked Towers For Users

As the name suggests, this course is designed to enable the safe use of two or more towers joined together. Linked towers are used to access the entire exterior of a building for maintenance work including painting, plastering or window replacement. The course involves spending one day at a PASMA approved training centre where you will learn how to safely assemble, dismantle, and use linked towers. The course involves a combination of practical and theory-based assessment and will take one day to complete.  

Towers With Bridges

The PASMA Towers with Bridges course is designed to provide training for users of access towers where there is an obstacle at ground level. Two or more towers are joined together at their end or side to create a long uninterrupted platform and leave a clear space at ground level. In this course, you will learn how to limit the impact on the surrounding area of any access equipment, along with the creation of a safe and secure tower bridge, access routes for pedestrians and vehicles and the connection of two or more towers at their end or side.  

For more information about all our courses and calendar dates, contact us today. We realise that time is always tight where construction projects are concerned, so please contact us regarding any dates not listed in our calendar and we’ll try our best to deliver our course suited to your needs.  





Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered working at height?

Anything above ground level is considered Working at Height. Access Towers are a large provider of PASMA Training and sit within the top 5% in the UK, allowing us to train the full range of 1-Day PASMA Courses to suit any of your work at height Tower Training requirements.

What are the working at height regulations?

It is recommended by Health & Safety standards that those who are assembling Towers should be PASMA Trained. This will give operatives a 5-year qualification of competency for the use of mobile towers.

Do I need to have a licence/certificate to use the equipment?

Certifications will vary depending on what equipment you’re hiring. It’s always best to speak with our Hire Desk if you are unsure, where they can advise what will be best for you or in more advanced working conditions, we can install onsite.

What are the different training sessions you offer & who are they for?

Training courses are for anyone using the equipment, from commercially to domestically. These will range from PASMA Training for the use of Towers, IPAF Training for the use of MEWPS as well as various other courses such as Safety Harness Training and First Aid.

How do I know which equipment will be right for the job?

Our Hire Desk are trained across the full range of work at height stock available and will be able to advise and assist cost-free.

How quickly can you supply the tower(s)?

We aim for a next-day turnaround, this is dependent on the transport routes and how busy we are at the time. It works both ways and could be earlier than your requested date.